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It just so happened that it was in the spring.

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Coverage varies by region and whether the home is involved in a real estate transaction.

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The following components will only be covered if You advise Select that you wish to add the additional home warranty coverage and Select is in receipt of the additional payment for said coverage. More…

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Making the names a little more complicated, HMS is in the process of rebranding to a new name: Cinch Home Services. More…

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3. "I called immediately," Torine said. "He said, 'Why does Sears keep giving out my number?I'm not licensed for air conditioners. '" Curious, Torine did a quick search to see how many air conditioner repair companies he could find in Morris County: more than 75 during a three minute Google search, he said. So what was taking so long?After two more weeks, the warranty company found a new repairman. He arrived on May 30.

Still waiting for an appointmentSo I submitted the claim through the internet.

A Sears spokeswoman apologized and said she was watching the case "very closely.

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